14.07.16 | Pres. Mark Francis (Shelter Music) Guest Mix


THURSDAY 07/07/2016
Starts: 19-20:00 (Gmt+2)

Pennsylvania born. New Jersey bred. DJ Mark Francis has become a force to be reckoned with. An avid music listener and collector, Mark Francis first experienced House Music in 1992, after hearing ‘Follow Me’, by Aly Us; he was intrigued and wanted more of this unique sound. The radio airwaves became his muse back in the 90’s when House Music on your radio was the norm; he was inspired by the legendary DJs that came before him like Tony Humphries on 98.7 KISS FM, and Louie Vega on HOT 97.

After listening and studying the artistry of the insanely talented DJs that influenced his career such as Omar Abdullah, Tyrone Francis, Timmy Regisford and Jihad Muhammad, Mark Francis developed his own niche; an innate ability to ride and blend tracks that take the dancer on a rhythmic journey.

In 2006, he met friend and basketball rival, DJ Adam Rios who introduced him and his diverse tunes to DJ Timmy Regisford of NYC’s infamous Club Shelter. It wasn’t until 2008 when he debuted at the WMC Club Shelter Party in Miami, that he was able to share his gifts. Timmy later asked him to become a part of the Club Shelter family; and the rest as they say is history.

Affectionately known as the Human IPod, Mark Francis’ wonderful musical perception, as well as his passion for Deep and Soulful House have paved the way for a vibrant future; he is reflective and grateful, and looks forward to continuing to share his energetic musicality with the Club Shelter Heads and beyond.


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