19 MAY | Guest Mix. TOTO CHIAVETTA (Yoruba Records)


Starts: 19-20:00 (Gmt+2)

Toto Chiavetta is surely one of the most acclaimed Italian producer and DJ and by many defined as a forward thinker producer and innovator. He was born in Catania in a family where music surely was not at its centre. 

Moreover, he was raised in a city, with one radio station, unispirational music and no close djs to look up to. Growing up in this type of environment did not foster musical creatitvity let alone inspiration. Neverthless his father recalls that in more than one occasion he found the young son while listening to clas sical concerts, moved by the music he had heard.
He started collecting music at a young age, djing a few years later and finally began the journey into music production with very basic rudimentary equip ment at the age of fourteen. Wanting to broaden his experiences, he cultivated his passion for music production and djing in the privacy of his small bed room, collecting vinyl upon vinyls.
By the 1998, Toto had the opportunity to open parties for many of the most famous house music djs in the world and play different venues. Afterwards, he travelled to differetn countries and finally ended up in the city that was the centre of the music and culture that, at that time, was dear to his heart – New York City.
He has now releases music for different records label such as Yoruba, Defected, Soul Heaven, AtJazz Record Company, Rainy City Music and Ibadan. 2016 it will surely be a fantastic year for Toto as many new projects will be released on some of the most influential house music record labels as well as his debut album on Yoruba, named Impermanence.


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