30.06.16 | Pres. Jihad Muhammad Guest Mix


FRIDAY 30/6/2016
Starts: 19-20:00 (Gmt+2)


In 2002, Jihad began exploring the production world, producing songs on labels such as West End Recor
ds, Cameo Recordings, King Street Sounds and Offering Recordings. In 2005, Jihad developed his own production label Movmentsoul Recordings. Jihad has worked with House music legends such as Kevin Hedge of Blaze, Louie Vega and Danny Krivit of Body and Soul, to name a few. He has captured the souls of the populace and has secured a loyal following of energetic house music heads and soulful “garage” purist who march to the beat of his drum.

In 2010, Jihad produced one of New Jersey’s hottest Global Soul parties Bang The Drum thats been going strong for over 5 years. Through hard work, perseverance and faith, Jihad has earned a special place in the hearts of his peers and loyal fans. He has the technical prowess, programming, sense of timing and adaptability to move any audience. His expertise and artistry in the scene has allowed him to play across the world. Jihad has played for audiences in London, Italy, Canada, France and throughout the United States, including at the legendary Apollo and as a guest at Tri – State area’s radio station Kiss F.M. Jihad annually he takes his Bang the Drum sound to Japan touring in places like Fukuoka, Hiroshima and Tokyo. With the musical milestones Jihad has achieved thus far, they are just the beginning of what is yet to come. He’s played all over Europe including Greece, Italy, Paris and most recently will be traveling to South Africa for the first time for a Summer 2015 tour….. The sky is the limit and Jihad Muhammad sees no limits in sight thus far!



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