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GOGO Music Radioshow on RitmoRadio every Monday (19:00 gmt+2 )


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Our mission is simply to bring you some best in soulful and deep house music.

GOGO Music was established in 2001 by Ralf GUM to offer a platform for innovative releases. While Ralf’s heart is set on soulful deep house, GOGO Music stands for varied and intelligent club music. Its choice releases made GOGO Music one of the most looked after record labels in the house scene. In the weekly GOGO Music radio-show Ralf GUM, MAQman, Sir LSG and Themba are presenting what this sound is all about … finest house music only!

GOGO Music’s sound can be described best with “contemporary club music with soul”. The output concentrates on timeless songs instead of putting out a huge quantity of records following the latest ephemeral trend. Deep house is definitely the main influence on GOGOs’ music, but limiting the label to only that misses the point. Main criterion for a release is simply that it’s well written, interesting and grooving music. The ‘quality not quantity’ philosophy quickly beard fruit, as the constantly growing and specific interest in and vast feedback on GOGO Music’s work shows. GOGO Music has become Germany’s, if not one of world’s most reputable soulful house music labels. Already late 2005 GOGO Music was called “one of the hottest imprints around” by Blues & Soul and Germany’s Subculture wrote that “GOGO Music is the prime German house label”. In April 2009 Chicago’s best music publication 5 Magazine stated, that “GOGO Music has become synonymous with the best Deep House produced in Europe” and 2010 UK’s SoulM8 certified that “GOGO Music is one of Germany’s best independent labels”.

GOGO Music’s releases feature legendary artists as Hugh Masekela, Caron Wheeler, Ursula Rucker, Omar, Inaya Day, Monique Bingham or Robert Owens, but the label has been pivotal for the international breakthrough of artists like Raw Artistic Soul, Black Coffee and the discovery of many other outstanding talents, too. In 2002 GOGO Music expanded its activities and included the branch “GOGO Music & Booking” (www.B-King.org). The intention was to offer a booking agency to its artists, to be represented by a company that shares the musical vision and taste with them. In 2009 B-King started to host the first “GOGO Music Nights” in selected top locations.

If you are curious to hear the sound of GOGO Music, you can get a taste in the weekly GOGO Music radio Show. 

At first initiated as a monthly show transmitted on one internet-radio station, it rapidly became one of the most popular broadcasts within the House Music community and now airs weekly by more than 40 FM- and internet-stations around the globe, with Ralf GUM, MAQman and Themba as residents. Find more information on www.GOGO-Music.net GOGO Music … music it is and is it!


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