DJ Reactions
Josh Milan – Tribe is one of the most consistent labels around right now. They have a commonality in their releases. I already knew that this package was hot before I heard it.
Larry Heard – Digging “deliverance” a lot and will play it. Thanks!
Ian Friday – deep afro vibes!
Boddhi Satva – layed Higher Self recently and the crowd went nuts. Full support.
Adam Gibbons – Yes another amazing collection of music! Thank you Tribe!!!! Looking forward to rocking every one of these!
Mr V – Nice Package!
Soul Dynamic -Nice Pack bros! ‘The drum’ is hot! also the other 2 mixes from Rancido and Oral Deep are really nice! excellent work as always! support!
Groove Assassin – SOLDID!!
Tyrone Francis – Nice package
Stan Zeff – Great selection of Afro

Tribe Records is delighted to announce ‘Tribe Vaults Volume Three: Afro House’. Keen-eyed Tribesters will already have noticed that the third volume has the same musical theme as the first, namely Afro House. This won’t come as a surprise if you’ve been following our singles releases, so many of which are original Afro House tracks. Even those singles which haven’t originated in southern Africa have each featured remixes by the rapidly rising stars of the South African and Afro House scene, which Tribe has embraced and supported since the label launched in 2009.

And these are the producers which we’re proud to present who have made the original songs and superfresh remixes here. Some of their names will be familiar, like Rancido, Renato Xtrova, and Oral Deep, but many will not. We hope you’ll trust us on this, because all have been chosen and compiled by Tribe Records’ boss Zepherin Saint, selected from tunes he has picked up on as a globetrotting DJ as well as the many tracks which are sent to us at Tribe Records.

Unlike some fresh musical genres, Afro House is one that requires no explanation – this is dance music made for the biggest house music scene in the world, which is why it is now recognised by respected music forums such as Traxsource.
We’re not going to weigh you down with detailed descriptions of each track as your ears are the best judge of that, but we commend these 13 tracks to you and trust that you’ll enjoy listening as much as we’ve enjoyed making this album.

Compiled by Zepherin Saint
Mastered by Toni Economides